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            What we're about.

            We’re innovating by building on top of some of the hottest open source technologies to tackle critical DevOps and IT operations challenges: big data and real-time analysis at incredible velocity. We’re focusing on building the best data pipeline and user experience so our customers can stay focused on what they do best.

            Dig deep into real-time big data.

            We like to stay on the forefront of available tech. Work with Loggly and get your hands dirty with Elasticsearch, Kafka, Cassandra, AWS, and other cool technologies. We have one of the biggest Elasticsearch installations on the planet! Bounce your ideas off a smart group of people and share valuable IP with the open source community. (Though, not our secret sauce of course!) Collaborate with customers who are innovating established and emerging industries and business models.

            Loggly has its benefits

            Loggly Career VacationLoggly Career HealthLoggly Career 401K
            Time off when you need it. You decide.
            No minimum amount of accrued hours.
            Full medical, dental, and vision insurance. Save for your future with our 401(k).
            Loggly Career Bart
            Pre-tax transit dollars, for your daily commute.Catered lunch and
            a fully?stocked kitchen.
            Play hard too.
            Friday Social, Holiday Party, team event,
            and more...
            • Relax.
              It's just work.

              Enjoy regular happy hours and group outings to celebrate victories (go-kart racing anyone?). Work within walking distance to the best San Francisco has to offer.